Twitter is now granting all users the ability to host Spaces


Twitter is now granting all users the ability to host a Space. The feature was previously limited to users with 600 followers or more. To recall, Twitter launched Spaces, its own version of audio-centric chatrooms, back in November 2020.

The company made the latest announcement via its official handle, and stated that all the users on Android and iOS will be able to host Spaces.

The company also posted a GIF that briefly refreshes users on how to host a Space. Users will be able to host their first Space by tapping on the Compose button — the button they would otherwise use to post a tweet.

Twitter has been releasing a plethora of new features for Spaces. Some of these include the ability to add co-hosts and up to 10 speakers. Additionally, the company also created a fund for Spaces creators called the Spark Program.

In other news, Twitter has acquired the London-based group chat application Sphere. Twitter is expected to use the acquisition to improve its personal and group messaging capabilities, as per a report by TechCrunch. The acquisition will lead to around 20 people from the Sphere team joining Twitter.

“Much like others, we’ve been watching and admiring Twitter’s growing investment in community-building with the release of Communities, Spaces, and features that promote safety,” Sphere said in a blog post.

“When we met the team, we were even more impressed by how seriously they are pursuing interest-based community and how much they believe in its potential impact.”

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