Riteish Deshmukh accused of being biased against Hindu festivals by Twitter user, here’s his reply


Actor Riteish Deshmukh has responded to a Twitter user who interpreted his tweet about weight gain during festivals as bias against a Hindu festival. The actor has tweeted about the cost of weight loss as compared to the cost of sweets one tends to eat during a festival.

Advising people to ‘choose wisely’, Riteish shared the cost of sweets such as laddu, jalebi, kaju ki barfi and chocolate. He went on to then share the price one has to pay for losing a single kilogram of weight. “I thought I should warn you !!!!” he wrote as the caption.

While most of his followers cracked up on reading the post, a Twitter user wrote, “You people are enlightened only during Sanatani (Hindu) festivals? Eid ya New Year ya Christmas par muh mein dahi jama lete ho (Cat gets your tongue on festivals such as Eid, New Year, or Christmas?)!”

Responding to the tweet, Riteish said in the same vein as he had written the tweet, “Sorry sir – Main Vegan hoon, dahi nahi khaata (Sorry sir, I’m vegan. I don’t eat curd).”

In a recent episode of Arbaaz Khan’s show Pinch, Riteish and wife Genelia Deshmukh had fielded mean comments.

They took up disparaging tweets on their fashion sense and videos. One such instance, was Genelia’s saree, which she wore to Arbaaz Khan’s sister Arpita’s house. As Arbaaz read out mean comments, Genelia said that she wasn’t a stylist, she’s just the designer’s model and she wears clothes to the best of her abilities. Riteish interjected and said, “I just want to say that Salma aunty loved the outfit, and kept asking who designed it.”

Riteish laughed over comments regarding his hairstyle, where one fan said that it ‘took them 30 seconds to understand his hairstyle’. Riteish answered, “It took you 30 seconds, but it took me 5 hours and I still don’t know why I did it.” Another told him to be human, and not a squirrel. Riteish and Genelia appreciated their creativity.

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