PUBG New State’s Global Launch On Nov 11, Know All About Battle Royale & Its Pre-Registration


New Delhi: Game developer Krafton announced on Friday that its upcoming game ‘PUBG: New State’ will officially launch on Android and iOS on November 11 in more than 200 countries.

PUBG Studios, which created the highly successful PUBG: Battlegrounds battle royale game for PC and consoles, has developed ‘PUBG: New State’.

It will launch as a free-to-play next-generation mobile game in 17 different languages.

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According to Krafton, PUBG: New State inherits the core of the PUBG IP and will have competitiveness in and of itself on the global market.

“Krafton will continue to produce games that will be enjoyed by players across the world. We’re committed to offering an expanded experience based on the belief that games will become the most powerful type of media,” CH Kim, Krafton CEO, wrote in a statement, as quoted by news agency IANS.

Krafton claimed that the game recreates PUBG: Battleground’s original Battle Royale experience, making it the most realistic battle royale game on mobile.

The South Korean game developer also stated that it has been investing heavily in the development of Indian gaming, e-sports, and IT entertainment industries with the establishment of its Indian office.

About PUBG: New State 

PUBG: New State is set in the year 2051 and is not a sequel to the existing Battlegrounds Mobile India. The game is likely to set the stage for Krafton’s upcoming games based on Battle Royale. 

Meanwhile, the game developer promises to offer a PC-like experience on a smartphone with PUBG: New State. So people who have played Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, the PC version of PUBG Mobile, will be able to witness a similar experience on their phones with the upcoming game.

PUBG: New State will undergo a final trial ahead of the launch as Krafton informed that there will be a final technical test in 28 countries between October 29 and October 30. 

How To Pre-Register For PUBG: New State

Visit the Play Store or App Store and search for PUBG: New State. Then, click on ‘Pre-Registration or Pre-Order’. Users who are pre-registered for the game can win exclusive benefits, such as free limited-edition vehicle skin.

Krafton had earlier announced that PUBG: New State has surpassed more than 50 million pre-registrations on iOS and Android as of the online showcase. 

Pre-registrations had originally begun in February 2021 when Krafton formally revealed the game.

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