On Jack Dorsey’s Tweet, Elon Musk Says It’s His “Safe” Word Too



The Twitter CEO just said “crypto”, suggesting he preferred the usage over “currency”

It’s no secret that Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey support cryptocurrency over the traditional “fiat” money. But their bromance is now more and more apparent on public platforms. Recently, they discussed the future of Bitcoin at a virtual conference, praising its potential to change the monetary systems. And now Mr Musk has replied to a cryptic one-word tweet by Dorsey. The Twitter CEO just said “crypto”, possibly suggesting he preferred the usage over more popular terms such as “currency” and “money”, and Mr Musk responded to it saying it was his “safe word” too.

It seems both of them prefer to use the shorter term “crypto”, rather than saying cryptocurrency. The two big tech executives have a long history of mutual admiration which has only blossomed over the years. At a trade show in 2016, Mr Dorsey publicly praised Mr Musk, saying he was constantly talking about what his electric vehicle-making company was doing. Mr Musk uses Twitter extensively.

In January 2020, Mr Dorsey asked Mr Musk for “feedback” on how to improve Twitter, and the Tesla CEO said it would be helpful to be able to tell fake and real users apart.

Two months later, when a hedge fund activist with a stake in Twitter tried to oust Dorsey from his role as CEO of the microblogging site, Mr Musk came to his defence.

In July this year, they came together for a discussion on the future of bitcoin. Mr Musk has previously supported dogecoin following climate concerns over bitcoin mining’s energy consumption. Mr Dorsey backs Bitcoin.

However, Mr Musk of late has dialed down his criticism of bitcoin and also disclosed that he owned some bitcoin, ethereum and dogecoin. Mr Dorsey has entered the cryptocurrency space with his payments company, Square, and has said the bitcoin community’s drive inspires him and reminds him of early days of the internet.

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