Gmail for Web gets new features to offer users a better experience


Gmail is getting new features that will improve the experience of users. In a blog post, Google asserted that one of them help users compose emails more efficiently. When interacting with the “To”, “Cc”, and “Bcc” fields, users will notice a new right-click menu to easily view a recipient’s full name and email, edit contact names, copy email addresses, and open a recipient’s information card.

You will now see Avatar chips for recipients and better indicators when adding a user outside your organization and contacts.
The company has also added better visual indicators to help guide users when composing emails. Each recipient will now show an avatar chip, which will help you identify who’s been added to the email.

Google has also made it easier to identify when users outside of your enterprise have been added to your recipient list. Now, external contacts that you’ve interacted with before will be highlighted in a deep yellow colour on Gmail.

Additionally, different domain names within the same organization will no longer be marked as “external.” For instance, users from will not appear as out of the organization if added to an email from an user.

Google says “this will help eliminate unnecessary warnings and confusions for users communicating across different brands under the same umbrellas or during the process of one company acquiring another.”

Users will now also notice a checkmark that indicates a recipient who has already been included in the email. Additionally, when you hover over or scroll through contacts within the dropdown menu, you’ll notice a grey tone, which indicates where your mouse or keyboard is. Gmail will also now automatically remove duplicate entries within the same fields, when moving emails between To, Cc, and Bcc fields

Google also notes that Gmail will now validate that email addresses are typed in the correct email format, so that they don’t turn these entries into recipient chips. In addition to this, Gmail will also notify users to fix the error before sending the email by displaying an error message.

Google has already started rolling out the new features for Gmail Web users. It is being released to all Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business customers. However, the company says users with personal Google accounts won’t be able to access the newly announced features.

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