“Atmosphere Of Suffocation…”: Rajasthan Chief Minister’s Barb At BJP, Advice For PM



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Ashok Gehlot also targeted the centre over rising inflation, unemployment, and farmers’ agitation (File)

Jaipur: An atmosphere of suffocation has been created in the country and there is a fear among people, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi should work to remove, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said on Saturday.

He also accused the BJP government of asking central probe agencies to target people whenever there is an election around to “create a panic”.

“Ever since they have won the elections, they have started a new tradition, which is unfortunate. Then there is a fear among people and an atmosphere of suffocation has been created. Modi should remove this atmosphere,” Mr Gehlot told reporters without naming the BJP.

He also alleged whenever there is an election approaching “a message is sent to officials of the CBI, Income Tax Department and the Enforcement Directorate that now you have to choose and send out a message so that people panic”.

“This is their agenda. This is their tactic,” he said.

He also said there will be love, brotherhood and trust in the government only when there is good governance.

“I believe the Centre is failing in this. Since Modi is the prime minister, his biggest responsibility is to monitor and see what the reality is and make decisions based on that reality. Only then he will be able to deliver good governance,” the senior Congress leader said.

Otherwise people will teach them a lesson and “they will not even know”, he said. “This has happened many times in the past whether with the Congress or the BJP.”

“Even when Vajpayee ji was there… a great leader like Indira Gandhi lost the election. So the public does not spare anyone. The people of the country are very intelligent. They may be illiterate or less educated, but the people of India have no match in the world when it comes to intelligence.”

Mr Gehlot also targeted the Centre over rising inflation, unemployment, and farmers’ agitation.

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